Title: Ecological Sustenance: The Symbiosis of Food and Right
Location: The State House, Providence, RI, the U.S

The building is composed of different functional modules, and the channel and corridor are the links between different modules. If we regard it as building blocks and use different permutations and combinations, the role of architecture will change thousands of times.

Houses and clothes are tools for human beings to hide, in order to cover up places they don't want others to see, including privacy, waste and decay.
The problem of stench may accumulate under the bright surface.

“Victory” is:
- independence from corporate food systems
- community involvement
- getting people closer to the natural environment.

STATE GOVERNMENT POLICY SHOULD SUPPORT THE BASIC NEEDS OF A CITIZEN FOR A DIGNIFIED LIFE such as food, housing and healthcare. At present, Rhode Island experiences problems, such as uneven food distribution, access to fresh food, and a lacking healthy food diversity.

My proposal centers on the topic of FOOD and aims to transform the RI State House grounds and parts of its unused basement to grow and, process food, create a restaurant, market and a composting facility. The project promotes the development of local food diversity, access to fresh food and promotes RI’s food culture.

This project has two CYCLES:
Human circulation: by building rammed earth walls, linking roads, terraces and basements, people can shuttle freely.
Biological cycle: from planting - picking - processing - purchasing - eating - recycling - retaining seeds / making fertilizer, and then back to planting to form a closed loop.

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